Over the years, we have the spirit of "sincere mission to promote environmental protection" responsibility for all large organizations, SMEs and individuals to provide fast and reliable recovery services and environmental management services. We are convinced that environmental protection can not come easily, and comprehensive promotion, must rely on public support to succeed.

Since its establishment, our aim has always insisted that we both aim to protect the Earth's resources and environment beautiful. The rapid development of modern society, many electronic products and computer along with the development of society and become waste. When these products have not been properly handled, will cause air pollution on the environment and with the damage from these wastes contain harmful substances will damage the human body and the Earth. Therefore, the recycling industry will increase demand, we provide professional collection services, recycling of resources, proper handling of waste, protecting the environment from pollution.

Our company has many years of recovery experience, we have been in accordance with government guidelines on dealing with environmental protection body waste and recycled back to the international recognized ISO9001 and ISO14001 environmental management certificate handling certificate. We have a complete fleet of advanced environmental processing machinery and to meet market needs.